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Business and Market Intelligence Systems

System and Data Integration

We integrate data from various sources, internal and external, validating and transforming the data into Business Information. This provides a holistic view of the information to facilitate sound decision making that keeps up with Industry and Business changes.


Data flow Automation

A key part of the integration process is to automate tasks to obtain, validate, integrate and transform the data into the final user report.


We produce standard and ad-hoc reports for office and mobile users, using OLAP technologies and other tools. These reports facilitate critical business decisions and periodical reviews in a cost effective and practical way.


Application and Services Hosting

Where clients do not have their own infrastructure, we provide the necessary hosting on their behalf in order to run their systems. This gives the client access to a highly skilled team of experts and cloud services.


Project Management

Project Management 

We offer custom web-based Enterprise Project Management Solutions that focus on strategic and key-account management as well as product development. 

Outsource Project Management 

We host Project Management Systems for companies requiring an outsourced solution. This gives the client access to a highly specialized team of expert Project Managers and services.

Implement Best Practices


Pharmaceutical data

We have a team of specialists working together to provide Business Intelligence and Project Management solutions. This service includes Networking, Infrastructure and automation of processes.


Software Development

We have an extended team of developers in India and South Africa that could be used where companies require resources on a project basis. This team covers all technologies and development languages from .Net, ASP, Java, PHP etc. to develop Key Business Solutions.



Reporting to decision makers

Integrated MIS (Management Information Systems)

This includes Key Accounts Management, Inventory Tracking, Customer Compliance and Support, Co-Marketing Tracking etc.


Optimizer (Automating and optimizing data flow)

This includes Importing, Processing and Exporting of data as well as user alerts and reporting services.


Task/Call Tracking

This provides a cost effective integrated Customer Call Tracking solution on the internet, this is used as one of the elements to measure field force effectiveness.


Master Data Management - Glu

These are web based, internal, practical and cost effective tools that are used to group data according to Industry and Business needs.


Plextra - Project Management

This includes Project Management of Key Projects and Status tracking of Resources time and Cost. This also provides new Market Influence Tracking where the focus is on teamwork rather than the one to one Call Tracking solutions.


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